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When Project Blue Book was closed down in January 1970, the original files were transferred to Maxwell AFB where they were made available on request for public viewing until 1975. In 1975 these documents were microfilmed by the Air Force for internal use and then transferred to the National Archives for public release. Before microfilming these documents for public release, however, the Air Force blacked out witness names and other personal information in accord with its policy of protecting the privacy of witnesses despite the fact that the files had been available for copying and inspection for years without these deletions. In 1998 a set of the original unredacted Air Force microfilm was discovered at the National Archives. In addition to witness names and information, it has been confirmed that these rolls contain some pages that are not on the NARA rolls.
  Maxwell Blue Book 1
Contains Project Sign, Grudge, and Blue Book Reports including the Project Twinkle Final Report, Project Stork Status Reports, and Project Blue Book Special Report No. 14.
  Maxwell Blue Book 2
Contains various supplementary data and publication correspondence associated with Project Blue Book Special Report No. 14 as well as Case Files for June and July 1947. An index to all case files is also included.
  Maxwell Blue Book 3
Contains Blue Book Case Files covering August, 1947 through to the end of August, 1948.
  Maxwell Blue Book 4
Contains Blue Book Case Files covering July, 1948 through to the end of December, 1948. Notable cases include the Chiles-Whitted sighting, the Gorman UFO dogfight, and the Green Fireball sightings.
  Maxwell Blue Book 5
Contains Blue Book Case Files covering February, 1949 through to the end of April, 1949.
Total Films: 22
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