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The first named Air Force investigation of the UFO phenomenon was Project Sign. Of the original nine rolls of Project Sign microfilm, four were given to Dr. Herbert Strentz in 1968 by Lt. Col. Hector Quintanilla to use in the preparation of his Ph.D. dissertation. Two additional microfilms from the Project Sign collection were preserved by Dr. J. Allen Hynek. There are no known extant copies of the remaining three Project Sign microfilm rolls. Many of the reports contained in the Project Sign microfilm collection are duplicated in the Project Blue Book microfilm collection but the quality of the Project Sign versions of these documents is often superior.
  Project Sign Roll 1
Incidents 1 - 73
  Project Sign Roll 2
Incidents 73 - 172 (Incident #162 11 August 1948, Hamel, MN not found)
  Project Sign Roll 3
Incidents 172 - 178 (Incident #177 5 September 1948, Kentwood, LA not found)
  Project Sign Roll 7
Incidents 186 - 237
  Project Sign Roll 8
Incident Summary Sheets 173 - 250 and Incident Checklists 1 - 95
Total Films: 6
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