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Last Updated – 15 November 2005

Uncensored Project Blue Book Microfilm Released

15 Nov 2005

Thanks to the efforts of the Fund for UFO Research and the Blue Book Archive the first ten rolls of uncensored "Maxwell" NARA microfilm are now available to researchers free of charge via the Blue Book Archive's Web site. These rolls include reports investigated from the beginning of Project Sign in 1947 through to the middle of June, 1952. They also contain a number of Project Sign, Grudge, and Blue Book reports including the Project Twinkle and Project Stork reports as well as Project Blue Book Special Report No. 14. Click the link below to read more about this important new release of microfilm as well as other news from this issue of the Blue Book Archive Newsletter.

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Download Project Grudge and Blue Book Reports

27 May 2005

PDF format versions of Project Grudge and Blue Book Status and Special Reports 1-12 & 14 are now available for download. These documents have been extracted from the archive, rendered as searchable PDFs, and made available for download.

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Register for Email Updates

12 May 2005

Researchers may now register with the Project Blue Book Archive. Registered users can purchase microfilm scans on CD and DVD format media and elect to receive email updates whenever new documents are added to the archive.

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New Microfilm and Improved Research Tools Added

30 Apr 2005

A total of nine new rolls of microfilm have been added to the archive including three rolls of National Archives Project Blue Book microfilm, three rolls of Project Sign microfilm, and three rolls of film added as part of a new catch-all category, "Other Official Microfilm". Read on for more details!

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Project Blue Book Archive to Put Air Force UFO Files Online

01 Mar 2005

Until now, access to Air Force UFO files has been limited to those researchers who could afford to buy the expensive collection of National Archives microfilms or who could afford to conduct their research at distant government archive locations. Thanks to the efforts of the Blue Book Archive, however, the approximately 100,000 pages of Air Force UFO files will now be available to researchers free of charge via the Internet. Interested researchers may review these documents by visiting the project's web-site at

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Project Blue Book Archive Releases Microfilm on CD-ROM

15 Feb 2005

Project Blue Book Archive microfilm scans are now available on CD-ROM. Each CD contains 400dpi scans of all images from one roll of microfilm and costs only $9.95— less than a third of the cost of microfilm ordered from the National Archives. Moreover, unlike film, image scans can be enhanced with software to increase legibility and are easy to print and share via email with other researchers.

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Introducing the Project Blue Book Archive

01 Jan 2005

Welcome to the Project Blue Book Archive. In brief, we have created a web-site which provides free online access to a significant portion of the National Archives Project Blue Book microfilm collection. Moreover, these documents have been rendered searchable so as to increase the utility of this material to researchers. So far we have scanned and posted approximately 10% of the NARA Blue Book microfilm collection and more content is on the way...

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