Software Version Information


Version 1.9 Changelog
  • Remove gunk from tables and code (iProductID, bHasProduct, etc...)
  • Update account management code
  • Modify import/exprt routines to remove SharpZipLib dependency
  • Use Web.config for config info instead of config table
  • Refactor naming scheme of some components
  • Remove unnecessary Admin Interfaces (e.g., xlink)
  • Require less info for registration (Email, Password, Notify, Flags only)
  • Implement simplified import process
  • Minor code refactoring (move functions out of utility.cs, etc...)
  • Modify system to support downloading large TIFFs from secondary HTTP source
  • Test and modify to work in medium trust (remote imager FAILS)
  • Insure lbEdit only works when user logged in with correct permissions
  • Update look and feel to reflect no commerce functionality (Change splash screen)
Version 1.8 Changelog
  • Remove unsafe code and Win32 API dependencies
  • Port tables and stored procedures from PostgreSQL 8.2 to MSSQL 2005
  • Eliminate e-commerce features (not worth the effort)
Version 1.7 Changelog
  • Code updates to support upgrade to ASP.NET 2.0
  • Database upgraded to PostgreSQL 8.2
  • NPGSQL and SharpZipLib upgraded to latest version
Version 1.6 Changelog
  • Rewrote business logic as shared library
  • Created a command line version of import/export utility
  • Fix win32 memory leaks affecting grayscale image imports
  • Redesign splash screen
  • Add more extensive commerce features to help support the site
  • Various small bug fixes
Version 1.5 Changelog
  • Added image viewer which allows users to zoom, rotate, and invert images
  • Added features allowing curators to correct OCR recognition errors
  • Thumbnail and screen images are now rendered as jpegs using bicubic resampling
  • Redirect gif requests to jpeg requests where appropriate so old links don't break
  • Various user interface refinements
  • Added support for importing and storing many new raw image formats
  • Various bug fixes
Version 1.4.3 Changelog
  • Added management interface for bookmarks
  • Added optional dynamic generation of thumbnail images (fast servers only)
Version 1.4.2 Changelog
  • Added support for crosslinking pages allowing side-by-side analysis and text reconstruction
  • Added/Improved Search Engine Optimization (SOE) features and compatability
  • Better source code organization & minor refactoring
  • Various content corrections to indices and FAQ have been applied
  • E-Commerce navigation UI was changed to make more room for future content items
  • Tab state is saved when navigating from one page to another
Version 1.4.1 Changelog
  • Added "sitemap" feature to facilitate search engine indexing of deep content
Version 1.4.0 Changelog
  • Added support for open-source PostgreSQL database
  • Added support for open-source ASP.NET implementation (Mono project)
  • Improved search results, especially for complex queries
Version 1.2.1 Changelog
  • Implemented better system for storing index bookmarks
  • Implemented expandable/collapsable index lists
Version 1.2.0 Changelog
  • Simplified database schema and improved object model
  • Added package export system
  • added meaningful PID as suggested by Tom/Brad
  • Added Source Media ID Field
  • Made browse and search results pages bookmark friendly
  • Added "Project News" page and relevant changes to splash page
  • Added downloadable PDF Documents page
  • Created sub-page template
  • Added FAQ/User Guide (Tom DeMary)
  • Implemented sensible defaults for page.aspx and other pages listed as errors in hit report
  • Version/changelog reporting added to web-site